The Briarwood slippers are made from 100% NZ felted wool in a factory in Nepal that only employs women. They are 100% fair trade certified.  The soles are 100% leather.
Wool is self-cleaning and there’s lanolin and alkaline salts in wool that protect the fibres if they get wet. They combine to form a natural soap, which will wash and cleanse the wool.
Because of the high wool quality your slippers will always stay fresh and won’t be damaged by water.
We recommend that you wear your felt slippers without socks or stockings to allow the wool to breathe.
Because of wool’s natural capacity to felt, your slippers should be washed with care to prevent shrinkage. Washing is therefore at your own risk.
Washing should always be done by hand using a detergent specifically designed for wool, or simply by using hair shampoo. 

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